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Establishment of Accounting Records

Establishment of Accounting Records in Baku, Azerbaijan

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  • Checking correctness of prepared documentation, it’s consistency with the requirements of existing legislative framework;
  • Inputting the information into the automated accounting system (if any);
  • Compilation of expense reports, cash documentation, bills registry;
  • Providing information about missing or incorrectly copmpleted documents that need to be replaced;
  • Calculation of payroll, taxes and other mandatory fees;
  • Preparation and submission of all types of reports;
  • Consulting on any matters relating to the company’s economic activity.

Financial Statement Reports (Balance)

Profit and Loss Reports

Reports of changes in capital

Reports of cash flow movements

Organization of Bank Affairs (internal and external transfer operations)

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Leave us a message to call you or directly call us about the details. We will talk about your company and find out what is best suited for your business. You will be asked to introduce us your yearly turnover and how many employee you employ.



We will work together to implement the plan. Then We will keep you updated on where you stand and adapt the plan as business happens. We will supply you with monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to help you to decide what is best for your company.


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