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The right talent at the right address will make both sides to win. Talents and Companies. Change and control how people perceive you. Wear their glasses and become acquainted with yourself. Improve your employer brand. Having the right brand will move your regarding costs down and efficiency up.


Discovery of the Employer Brand

Applying the New Employer Brand

Employer Brand Communication

TalentsBus (Employer Brand Audit)


TalentBus carries out employer branding that exists between talents and businesses and delivers the right talent to the right address. We discover the status of the employer brand. We reveal the information on how you are recognized by talents in the market.

Spend Less in every hire 50%
You will observe a decrease in your turnover 28%
There will be increase in talented people who apply to you 50%
What percentage of job seekers considers your employer brand 75%
How many of them asks about you on social media? 52%
Leaders admit that there is talent scarcity worlwide 30%

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Our mission is to help creating an industry where business relations are based on trust and accuracy. We are excited to improve our industry, economy and country and nation. Because we value you.

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