About Development Line

DEVELOPMENT LINE is a privately held company specialized in finance and human resources in Baku, Azerbaijan. We supply middle and small enterprises and companies with finance and accounting, human resources and employer branding, tax, audit and law services with quality and accuracy. We are committed to design and build companies’ development line through our team and sustainable and innovative services. We choose our team members from among the talents who value what we value, do their job with passion and want to make a difference for the good of people. Relying on this process, we always intend to accomplish our services with accuracy, quality, and integrity based on transparency.



Our mission is to promote and maximize a relationship between business stakeholders based on accuracy, integrity, and transparency. We aim to be in such an industry where businesses are transparent about what, how when, and where they do business and accomplish their services through reliable ways and deliver what they promise and on time. We choose our collaborators from among who value our mission and want to be part of it.

When you empower your accounting, staff and human resource, audit and legal issues to us, you will have to rely on your goals to the team which mobilized all of their knowledge and abilities for providing the quality of service.

We try to make the appropriate balance between effective expense and sustainable resolution in our work.



In order to accomplish our goals and promote our values to attain our mission, we envision to be the first preferred company in our region when accuracy, transparency, quality, and integrity is the case in the area of finance and human resources. Being the most preferred company in this concern our vision is planned to serve our mission in a very sustainable and innovative way.


Our team